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Father’s Day Reflection

Father’s Day Reflection

Father’s Day is inspired by the spirit of sacrifice of fathers who love and care for their families.  Father’s Day celebrates the unselfish love and dedication of fathers in raising their children. On this Father’s Day, let us commend to the Lord our respective fathers and all father figures including stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers and other adult male friends for showing and making us feel God’s fatherly love for us.

Many of us are fortunate enough to know and love our own respective biological fathers. And on this Father’s Day, it is so proper to express to our God our appreciation for this gift of fatherhood in our world.  We have to be thankful for all father figures who have provided us with love and care in our efforts towards growth and maturity.  In a way, our concept of fatherhood relates to how we relate to our God.  Fatherhood has become a human institution that established the stability of our nations, our families and our marriages.  Somehow, we picture the Heavenly Father in the same way as we visualize our human fathers.

When Jesus came to our world, he taught us to see God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  One of the ways we get to know God as Father is through the world of creation and through God’s providential love for us.  We know God as Son through the ministry of Jesus among us.  We get to know God as Holy Spirit through the Spirit’s presence and work in us and in the Church.  As we celebrate Father’s Day, let renew our common commitment to be like our Father in heaven who is loving and caring, like the Son who has come to serve and not to be served and like the Holy Spirit who is always present and working in us.

“Lord Jesus, we praise you for saving us.  Teach us to love you and your Father by keeping your commandments.  Bless all fathers and deepen their love for their wives and families.  By their work and example and prayer, may they lead their children to follow you.  Amen.”