Bartimaeus as Model

Bartimaeus as Model

Bartimaeus can be our perfect model  for Christian life in three ways.


First, Bartimaeus seized the opportunity when it presented itself.  When he realized that Jesus was passing by, he shouted at the top of his voice: “Son of David, have mercy on me!” and he did not stop shouting.  Despite the opposition of those who were telling him to keep quiet, he kept shouting all the louder.   Do we have this kind of persistence and courage when it comes to seeking God.   Are we persistent in prayer?  Are we determined to be freed from our spiritual blindness at all cost?


Secondly, Bartimaeus knew exactly what he wanted.  When Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” He had no hesitation whatsoever.  “Teacher, let me see again!”, he answered immediately.  Do we have any idea of what we really want out of our life?  Can we say with the same conviction: “I want to see, Lord.  I want to understand what are the real values in life… what it means to be a true Christian… and how I can find happiness in serving you and my neighbor…”


Lastly, Bartimaeus was grateful.  He followed Jesus on the road to Jerusalem.  He had become a fearless disciple of Jesus, ready to share whatever fate awaited Jesus in Jerusalem.  Are we ready to sacrifice everything in order to follow Jesus faithfully, even with our lives?  Not necessarily in a swift and bloody martyrdom, but more probably in the slow and bloodless martyrdom of the daily service of our neighbor?  Are we willing to carry our daily cross in the company of Jesus?


“Lord Jesus, heal our spiritual blindness. Give us the courage to follow you faithfully on the road to life.  Give us strength to live for you day by day in the loving service of our brothers and sisters.  Be on the road of life our peace and our joy. Amen.”