Christmas is Coming Home

Christmas is Coming Home

Christmas is about coming home. It is about family and community. It is about personal relationships.

As we behold the day of Christmas, we ponder on the homelessness of the new-born Jesus, who had to be placed on a manger because there was no vacancy in the inn.  We imagine the first worshippers of the new-born King: the shepherds who were nomads, unsettled in terms of residence.

The homeless spirit of the first Christmas relates to the poverty of our Christmas hamper recipients and to the predicament of the growing number of our street people.

And homelessness can take a deeper significance in our lives. Homelessness is a breakdown of personal relationships at home. Homelessness is the prevalence of domestic violence. Homelessness is the absence of trust and love.

The homelessness of Christmas challenges us to work for bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.  The homelessness of Christmas invites us to take a look at our outreach programs. The homelessness of Christmas reminds us that action on behalf of justice in mandated by the Gospel.

Home is when we are reconciled with God.  Home is when our poverty of our world becomes our own. Home is where the holiness of the new-born Child redeems the sinfulness of our lifestyles.

May our celebration of Christmas be our homecoming to God who is with us in Christ. May our New Year be filled with faith and hope in the Saviour who assumed the homelessness of our humanity to share with us the eternal home of our Father.