“Come and See…”

“Come and see…”

“Come and see…” is Christ’s invitation to live the life according to His plan of salvation and redemption and to experience what is like to become again God’s children  and heirs of His kingdom.

Just as the call of Samuel hinged on his reliance on Eli, so we rely on others to help us recognize God’s invitation to “come and see…”   We realize God’s call through our encounter with strangers who are our friends we have not met before.  We “come and see…” Christ’s life in the Eucharist and the other community events, through our daily encounter with one another in love and friendship.

“Come and see…” is about imitating Christ in His love and concern for us, His self-giving and self-sacrificing love as exemplified by his suffering and death on the cross.  “Come and see…” inspires and leads us to stay in His love and friendship, that is, to be in the state of God’s grace. “Come and see…” is a lifestyle, a mentality to be good and faithful stewards of God’s gift of life and its resources.

Faith is a movement from above, moving our hearts to respond to the prompting of the Spirit.  Our becoming Church is our communal response to Christ’s invitation to “come and see…”    It is important to realize in our lives that we are part of a faith community because it is only through community that we realize our redemption. Christ has decided to bring about our salvation by becoming human, by living among us, making us heirs of the divine legacy rooted in His suffering, death and resurrection. Our personal faith is bound to affect our life with others.  That is why political participation is part the gospel mandate to build God’s kingdom in our world where Christian values are respected and promoted.   Our social and political life should be inspired by our faith and not separated from it.

We have to present to others again and again with the presence of the One who always invites to “come and see…”  It is through our sense of welcome and care that we make present Christ’s love and presence to others.   It is through our friendships that we build community of faith and love.  As we become a welcoming and caring community, we become witnesses to Christ’s self-giving and self-sacrificing love for all of us.

“Come and see..” how God loves and how He expects us to relate with others in love and friendship.