Got Talents?

Got Talents?

In the gospel today, Jesus reminds us to be watchful and act appropriately as responsible stewards… while we await the Lord’s coming…

Jesus reminds us: “For to anyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

The parable encourages us to becoming rich towards God.  In a way, it passes the verdict on a life dedicated among other things to the pursuit of one’s own personal self-seeking. The parable demonstrates the absurdity of a life programmed on the desire to acquire resources as an absolute property and not as a stewardship.  The judgment passed by the gospel parable on a life based on self-seeking is the same as the judgment of the Book of Ecclesiastes on life in general as vanity of vanities. The philosopher William James expresses this gospel wisdom by declaring: “The best  use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts life.”  We have to live for the future, that is, for eternal life because we shall spend the  rest of our days there.

One’s life is not only equivalent to funds or properties.  Life offers us talents or certain giftedness, including simplicity of lifestyle.  Health of mind and body and soul  is also defined as putting priority of what God wants us to be and what God wants us to do.  All these gifts, talents and resources are to be used for God’s greater glory, the good of others and our sanctification.  They are to be utilized for the promotion of God’s kingdom in this world and especially in our hearts.  If we have health, wealth, a certain giftedness or talent, God expects that we use them for God’s greater glory and that we share them for the good of others.  It is only in this way that God would reward us as faithful servants who have complied with what He requires.

Matthew touches on the end of time when the Master, the Son of Man comes again to judge the world.  The servants are the disciples entrusted with his works and ministry while they await His return in glory.  During his absence, since only God  knows the day and hour of his return, the disciples are enjoined  to be watchful and to act appropriately as responsible stewards.

God continues to bless us with His gifts and talents which we should responsibly use for our sanctification that leads to eternal life.