Mary Magdalene as Our Easter Witness

Mary Magdalene as Our Easter Witness

The gospel accounts depict Mary Magdalene as the first physical witness to Christ’s resurrection. She is present at the empty tomb with the two apostles on Easter morning. She meets and converses with the Risen Lord in the garden. She is called by name by the Lord who bids her: “Go and tell my brethren…”

But more important than her being the material witness to the resurrection is the fact that her life has been made new in Christ Jesus. Her conversion enhances her witness to the faith. Her great love takes away her many sins and strengthens her in her struggle to be faithful.

Before the resurrection, Mary is fearful, confused and desolate. We identify with her in our fears, broken relationships and isolation. After the resurrection, Mary becomes lively and hopeful.  With her, our spirits soar as the risen Lord calls her by name. Easter is Christ’s invitation for us to witness to His good news.  Easter is the confirmation of the sacredness of our humanity.

It is interesting to note that in the garden of the resurrection, Mary Magdalene, in the midst of tears, mistakes Jesus for the gardener. In a way, Jesus is the gardener in our garden of  life. Christ’s resurrection cultivates our faith in the barren soil of our human brokenness and sinfulness.

Like Mary Magdalene on the first Easter morning, we are commanded by the Risen Lord to share God’s love to all the world. The event of Easter inspires us to widen our horizons, to bid farewell to whatever may cloud our vision or dim our spirits,   to see beyond and to imagine a future filled with possibilities. Easter is living life on a higher level.  It is constantly lifting our minds to the mind of our Savior, giving us a power that sublimates the weaknesses of our human nature.  It is a capacity to see beyond the boredom and the routine of our ordinary lives.  Easter is a personal movement towards a living experience of Christ’s resurrection.