Motherhood for All

Motherhood for All

Motherhood goes beyond maternity.  Motherhood transcends life itself.  In fact, it is far more spiritual than physical.  The essence of motherhood lies in the spiritual bond between the mother and the child.  Such spiritual bond can actually exist without the biological relationship of mother and child.   And task of mothering is not limited to mothers.   The task of nurturing, caring and educating is shared by all in the community.   This is the reason the term ‘mother’ is also referred to a school as ‘alma mater’, to mother earth or mother church. Motherhood presents to us a reality that is beyond the physical, biological or earthly.   Motherhood reminds us of the reality of the human spirit in a culture that is presently engrossed with the purely material and physical.  Motherhood is kind of heroism that actually reminds us of spiritual redemption, rebirth and resurrection.

Christ’s ascension, which we celebrate today, deals with a reality that is beyond the earthly and physical.  Like motherhood, Christ’s ascension is mysterious, spiritual and faith-oriented.

We, as a Christian community at St James for more than 50 years, is a living testament of a people who adheres to the power of the resurrection and ascension and the presence of the Spirit in our life.  As a people, we proclaim Christ’s message of love and liberation through our word and example.  This is the basis of our Christian tradition.  He is with us: yes to the end of time.

Today’s celebration marks the beginnings of the church’s outreach in continuing the work of Christ in our world.    Let me end with a story about a woman who saw a poorly dressed and ill-nourished little girl playing in the street.  The woman became angry and said to God: “Why do you let a thing like that happen in the world you created?  Why don’t you do something about it?”  God replied: “I did do something about it: I created you.”   The story invites us to ask ourselves” “How serious do we take the mandate of Jesus to transform our world into the kind of place God created it to be?”

Motherhood is a call to transformation of this world to a more loving place.  It is a vocation not only for mothers but all the rest of us.