RSVP to Faith

Three pastoral concerns come to mind as we reflect on the king’s invitation to a wedding, as narrated in our gospel today: our ongoing support for the financial needs of our parish, World Mission Sunday next weekend and tomorrow’s civic elections. Our response to these social concerns is living out the social implications of our faith.  While these issues involve decisions that are largely personal, they are all relevant to the common good of our society. Our response becomes our RSVP to faith.

Our urgent need for better parish cash flow, our foodbank, our support for the Bishop’s Appeal and our need to repair and maintain our aging building are expressive of our growing maturity as Church. Our charitable efforts do not justify the causes of poverty and destitution and that it is God’s will that justice should prevail in our society and in our world.  Our social involvement is a powerful prayer to God, an eloquent expression of our faith.

Next weekend’s celebration of World Mission Sunday reminds us to pray and work towards a world united in the spirit of the gospel.  We have the opportunity to make our own offering for the World Mission Sundaycollection, which is taken up in almost every country in the world, including the poorest in Africa and Asia where, despite their own material poverty.  our fellow believers in the suffering continents are eager to contribute to the universal mission of the Church.  This exercise of our solidarity is a powerful witnessing to the faith that we all profess.

Our participation in tomorrow’s elections is a renewal of our respect for the nobility of political service as a powerful vehicle towards creating a just society.  Political participation is mandated by the gospel.  Our faith and our political life cannot be separated.  Our faith should inspire and influence our political perspective and how we conduct our life as public servants and as servants of God.

Faith is not a mere appendix to our book of life.  Our faith inspires our life in all its aspects, dimensions and levels. A life that is inspired by faith in its totality is a life of constant prayer, a perfect offering of oneself to our Creator and Savior.