A Life of Thanksgiving

A Life of Thanksgiving

The early settlers of North America originated Thanksgiving Day to celebrate a successful harvest.  If the harvest was good, then the food was carefully stored and lasted for throughout the year.  People celebrated and praised God for His goodness when they knew that they would have enough food to last the winter and would not starve.

In many places in the world, what happens to the harvest if no rain falls and there is drought?  Without rain, the crops cannot grow and the harvest will be poor or none.  Without food to gather, the families go hungry and even starve.

With today’s grocery stores, most of us buy what we need without thinking about where they come from.  We expect to have food, clothing and shelter without thinking about who provide all of our needs.

Just as God shares his gifts with us, so must we share these gifts with others as an act of thanksgiving. We share what God has given us by helping people help themselves.   We have to work for a more equitable distribution of our world’s resources.  We have to work for justice and the development of peoples.  We have to stretch beyond the comfort zone of our economic prosperity.

We pray: “Almighty God, we are grateful to you for our existence.  We are sorry for the complaints you often hear from us.  In fact, “our cup runneth over”.  Help us to live your gift of life to the fullest each day of our life in the spirit of thanksgiving.  Amen.”