Temptation and Sin

Today is the first Sunday of Lent which gives us a wonderful opportunity to get closer to Our Heavenly Father. All of us live busy lives! We take care of our family, our job, our home and ourselves. We even enjoy a little recreational time! These are all good things, but we must never forget about spending time with God. Lent is a holy time for prayer, for penance and for fasting.

Today’s readings focus on temptation and sin, which is a part of all of our lives. Temptations and the glamor of evil are as real today as they were in the time of Jesus. In fact, the devil has played a cardinal role since the origin of humanity.

The tempter wants you to be so busy that you never think about God and the reward of His Heavenly Kingdom, but only focus on the pleasures of this world.

When we recognize that we are being tempted, we can actually turn it into an opportunity to grow closer to God, just as Jesus did in the desert. We can learn from it. It all depends on what choices we make. When we are tempted we can determine more clearly for ourselves who we are, and part of knowing who we are, is learning to know who we are not. Hopefully, we get to see precisely those things which distract us from God, those things which cause us to sin. Upon reflection, we get to understand our weaknesses, so that we can act stronger in the future. If, unfortunately, we make a wrong choice, then we must turn ourselves back to God and reconcile ourselves with Him. He is always there to help us and love us.

We must remember that as a Christian, as a person with freewill, we must everyday choose between the “true one” and the “evil one”, between God and Satan, for after our earthly life, it is certain that we will be forever with one or the other. 

 Deacon Bruce