The Incarnation Factor

The Incarnation Factor

Christmas is God’s becoming human in Jesus Christ, that is, the Mystery of the Incarnation. Emmanuel means “God is with us!”

The Mystery of Incarnation affects all aspects of our human life, making us share His divinity, making us children of God and heirs of His kingdom.  As a community, we share God’s gift of love and presence.  Christ becomes present through the Sacraments of the Church and through every human experience. name.

Christ’s becoming human also requires us to be part of human family, redeemed through his death and resurrection.  It requires us to be part of a community where we experience his love and forgiveness.  It requires us to be “incarnated” into a local community we call our own.   It requires us to become involved and participative in the various activities of our community, helping us in our common journey of faith.  Christ’s becoming human is the reason we are saved not alone but in the context of community.

As we celebrate the Eucharist on this special day, let us be more expressive of our appreciation of his abiding presence and everlasting love for all of us.  Let us be more “incarnated” into our community in the spirit of Christ’s love. Our being Christian is all enmeshed in the human relationships within our family, work and community. Life, as we live it, is all about our human relationships which have to be anchored on our personal relationship with God whose becoming human we celebrate today.

As we celebrate Christmas, let us remember that our life has been transformed by the great event of God becoming human in Jesus Christ.  Let us celebrate his love and presence in our everyday relationships in the family and in the community.  Let us share Christ with one another, by letting Him use our hands, our feet and our whole being in the ministry of love and service in our respective families and communities.

May Christ be incarnated in our lives today and every day.