The Story of the Donkey

The Story of the Donkey

A poor farmer  near Jerusalem had a small donkey which was so stupid to do any work.  It could not carry anything on its back.  So he told his family that he was going to kill the animal.  But his children begged him to sell it, rather than harm it.  “How can I sell an animal that won’t work?”, the father insisted.  His son suggested: “Father, tie the donkey on a tree on the road to town and let it be known that whoever wants it may have it for nothing.”  The next morning, that was what the father did.  Soon, two men approached and asked to take the animal.  “It will carry nothing”, the farmer warned the men.  “The Lord has need for it”, replied one of the men.  The farmer could not imagine what the Lord would want with such a useless donkey, but handed it over.  The men took the animal to Jesus who stroked the sweet animal’s face and then mounted it without trouble.   So it was on the day we celebrate today the Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, riding on the back of this tiny donkey.

The donkey, the rejected animal, is a figure of Christ himself who is to be later rejected by his own people but would eventually become their savior.  Christ is referred to as the “stone rejected by the builders, becoming the cornerstone…” (Mt. 21:24)

The people and circumstances we tend to reject are the same people and circumstances that become our salvation.  For God chooses the weak to confound the strong.  He chooses the foolish to shame the wise. (1Cor 1:27)

When God strokes us in our faces, we realize our limitless potential.  When we submit to God our faults and failures, we are filled with His grace and blessing.  It is in our weakness that God’s power is at work with us.

As we join Jesus in His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, let us take with us our own wounds and weaknesses so He can transform them into a source of our healing and strength through the power of His resurrection.