Thy Kingdom Come!

“Hello! My name is Levi! And I am two years old and I have no clue what’s going on at Mass. I’ll try to be on my best behavior, but I apologize in advance if I get really restless or loud or if my mother fails to bring me out when I really become a distraction or nuisance to many of you. My mother really wants to continue to join in this community celebration even when she has to deal with a handful of myself.  She sometimes gets discouraged about coming just to avoid the unwelcoming reactions from other parishioners.  I have decided to write this note for your understanding.  Hope you have a significant Sunday and a great weekend!” (Adapted from an original piece.)

Levi’s note invites us to be truly human and alive each Sunday and each day.  None of us is on this journey alone.  The Sunday Mass is a sacred moment for human connectivity.  The church is a sanctuary where the divine and the human meet.  We have to be glad for any reminder (like a cry of a baby) of our capacity to be vulnerable, tender and kindhearted.

Indeed, we are connected to Somebody larger than our comfort zones or personal preferences or our ego.  We are part of Christ’s kingdom of peace and love.  Christ is our King!  We always pray “Thy Kingdom come!”

Awake from your slumber! (City of God, Journeysongs, 813)  Coming to church is about waking up.  Awake, we see things differently.  We embrace our better angel who enters into this sacred space vulnerable, receptive, filled with compassion, empathy and redemption,  Waking up is not easy. But awake, we can find our real selves.  Lord, awaken us and save us!