Unity Beyond Ourselves


Unity Beyond Ourselves

Last week, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was  celebrated.  Many ecumenical worship services were held in our city to pause and pray for the cause of unity of all Christians and all peoples of good.  “Ecumenical” means among different religious denominations.

Reflecting on Christian unity makes us address our own respective sense of unity within our own churches.  We cannot really speak about unity with other Christians when we don’t appreciate and exercise our own commitment to unity among ourselves as members of our respective communities.   In turn, we can only speak about such commitment to unity in our community when we live the unity and peace that should characterize our personal relationships in our respective families.

As Christians, we have to reach out.  Like the original apostles, we are sent to proclaim the Good News of peace, love and unity to all peoples, starting with our own families and communities.  It is ironic that the major conflicts in our world today are related to religion.  Religion, which teaches that we have to love one another, has become the cause of division and violence.  Marriage and family, which most religions consider sacred, have become the venue for unspeakable physical, psychological and sexual abuse.  Churches, which act as the guardian of sexual ethics, have become in recent years the respondent for sexual abuse crimes.

Unity has to be referred to Someone beyond ourselves.  The transforming power of Christ’s love is what can make our life in community bearable and even beautiful.  We cannot really escape from communion with others without breaking our faith in Jesus Christ who has sacrificed His life for the unity of God’s children.

We have to acquire the sense of humility that is the basis for working for spread of the gospel.  When we are content with what God wants us to do, then God can do great things through us.  We have to focus on what God is doing rather than on what we are doing.   We have to “let go and let God…”