Dear Volunteer,

The Diocese of Calgary has a series of guidelines to ensure that the all the members of our
community can participate in parish-related activities in a safe and secure environment. At St.
James Catholic Church we are working to ensure that we continue to provide this environment
to all individuals, with a particular emphasis in ensuring those that are more vulnerable (all
children, and vulnerable adults).

To this end, we have been asked to formalize our screening procedures for all our volunteers.
We are now asking that all volunteers complete: Volunteer Information Form and the Model
Code of Conduct and Agreement. If you are insure whether your documents are complete,
please fill the attached form and return them to us.

For those whose volunteer positions require closer contact with persons in vulnerable
circumstances we are also required to have a police information check (PIC). If your PIC is
expired or you need one because of your volunteer position in our Church, we kindly ask you to
let us know so we can provide you a letter from our Parish.

STRENGTHENING OUR PARISH COMMUNITIES is a core standard of care embraced by all
clergy, religious orders of clerics, sisters and brothers, employees and volunteers working in the
parishes and ministries of the Diocese of Calgary. The core standard of care involves policies
and procedures designed to create and maintain a safe environment in our parishes and
programs. It also includes a Model Code of Conduct that must be embraced by all those who
make up the personnel of the Diocese. This core standard of care includes assessing all activities
in parishes and ministries of the Diocese to identifying all positions especially those that could
put children, youth, or other vulnerable persons at risk of being harmed. The goal always is the
protection and safety of our children, our vulnerable people, our volunteers, our clergy,
religious, employees and our Church. Thus, it is a permanent policy of the Roman Catholic
Diocese of Calgary that all positions are assessed, assigned appropriate risk levels and that
appropriate screening and management practices are maintained consistently throughout the

For more information, please visit theĀ Diocese of Calgary website.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and happy volunteering to you all!