Currently due to COVID-19 restrictions, only 10 people may be present at a wedding ceremony.  No receptions are allowed at this time.

Marriage is a beautiful and sacred vocation. It is a way of life in which two people commit themselves to each other for life.  In this vocation you are called to grow as Christian persons in your relationship with each other and the rest of society.

Your marriage has a social dimension because it involves not only two of you but also your faith community and the rest of society.  As Catholic people we are happy to celebrate your marriage with you. We want the celebration of your marriage to be dignified and worthy of the beauty of the vocation which you have chosen.  Hence, this information is meant as a general guide in your preparation.

To comply with the Requirements for the Sacrament of Marriage, couples should contact Fr. Eli at
403-243-2680 at least six months prior to the proposed date of the marriage to allow time for the paper work to be completed and for a marriage preparation course to be taken.

Information on Marriage Preparation Courses can be found through the Life & Family Resource Centre,  Catholic Family Service, and Catholic Engaged Encounter.